6 Reasons Why a Doorbell Camera is a Must-Have

You may be wondering why something as simple as a doorbell has become all the rage. Installing a doorbell camera at your front entrance can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind for homeowners. Here’s how they’ll benefit you:


Picture yourself in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom and someone rings your doorbell. Instead of rushing to the door to see who it is, you can simply pick up your smartphone or tablet and view who’s at your door from the palm of your hand.

You’re Always Home

Criminals often test your property before attempting to enter. If you’re at work and someone is at your door, you can easily communicate with them through the intercom system from your smart device. This will make the criminal think the home is occupied and the security of your home won’t be compromised.

Motion Detection

An individual doesn’t have to ring your bell in order for your camera to record activity. As soon as motion is detected, the camera is activated, takes snapshots and records footage for you to view at your convenience.

Package Theft

Package thefts are unfortunately common, especially around the holidays. Many package thefts go unsolved because residents don’t have proper evidence. With a doorbell camera, video and photo evidence will be collected automatically.

Night Vision

Doorbell cameras feature high-quality video. You’ll get a clear visual of the person at your door regardless of the darkness of night. Simply keep your doorbell camera clean to effectively see who’s at your door.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

When the kids come home from school, you can access the camera from work to make sure they arrived safely. Accessing your doorbell camera’s feed is as simple as opening an app on your device.

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Original: https://www.getbluguard.com/6-reasons-why-a-doorbell-camera-is-a-must-have/