Intrusion Detectors for Home Security

Motion detectors and sensors are essential to home security. Placing sensors at doors and windows can prevent up to 80 percent of attempted break-ins. At BluGuard, we pride ourselves in offering the best equipment to add the extra layer of security your family deserves. We currently provide the following detectors and sensors.

Door/Window Sensor

These sensors can detect and notify you when a door or window is opened whether your alarm is armed or not. The most common use is to keep intruders out, but these sensors are also great for keeping your loved ones in. Small children love to open doors and explore the outdoors. With these sensors, you can keep on top of things and ensure everyone is safe.

Motion Detector

A motion detector will alert you of any movement in your home. Motion detectors can also be energy savers. If connected to your lights, the device can turn lights off if a room is unoccupied or turn lights on if movement is detected. If you have a pet, motion detectors are smart enough to ignore animals up to 55 lbs.

Glass Break

Glass break sensors use acoustic and shock detection to sense the sound of breaking glass in 360° range. When the shattered glass is detected, an alarm sounds to alert the homeowner, or any family member who may be monitoring the device through a smart device app. Glass break monitors are small and you’ll only need one detector per room.

Image Sensor

Image sensors play a vital role in home security. Image sensors give real-time visuals of each room they’re installed in. Like motion detectors, the image sensor is activated when movement is detected. It’ll capture images that you can easily view on any smart device. Image sensors are pet sensitive and allow you to capture images on demand during alarm and non-alarm events.

To learn more about our intrusion detection devices, visit our equipment page or give us a call at (970) 344-8700.