Perfect Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where family and friends come together, celebrate all things they’re thankful for and enjoy a delicious meal. When it comes to pairing your feast with beer, it may be daunting due to the vast range of flavor profiles on your average Thanksgiving plate.

To a novice beer drinker, any beer would possibly suffice. If you want to impress your guests and give them well-rounded flavors, we have a list of beer styles you’ll be thankful for.

Belgian Dubbel

Belgian dubbels are high in carbonation and moderately strong. These beers help break up the richness of gravy and potato dishes to act as a palate cleanser. Dubbels have a rich peppery and dark fruit flavor that complements poultry, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

Brown Ale

Many Thanksgiving items are prepared in the oven and experience caramelization and browning just like the flavors of a brown ale. You’ll experience the malt flavors of roasted nuts, chocolate and caramel qualities that pair well with dishes prepared in the oven.

Scotch Ale

Scotch ales weigh heavier on the ABV scale (6-9%) which makes them ideal to hang with the richer dishes on your plate. The smooth, caramelized malt flavors with toffee and smoke can offer a savory and sweet flavor to your palate.

Strong Golden Ale

The base of a strong golden ale is Pilsner malt which works well with the mildness of white meat and the toasted flavor of stuffing. A strong golden ale has high carbonation which clears the palate for your next bite.

With these beer pairings, you’ll add a pinch of elegance to your plate without clashing with flavor.