Get Your Workout Fix with YouTube Workouts

At the moment, non-essential businesses are closed including gyms. I’ve never been a gym person, but I know quite a few people who lived at their local gym and don’t have the proper equipment at home. I prefer to workout at home and happily wear my raggediest clothes to sweat in. No shame.

Many people may not think of going to YouTube for workout videos, but there are a plethora of workouts for every body type and needs. Search for what you’re looking for at the moment, and you’ll find it. My tip, look for vids with a runtime of 20+ minutes. There are a lot of “clip” workouts that won’t give you the workout you need. Here are some workouts in my playlist.

I love LesMills Combat workouts because I’ve always preferred martial arts style fitness. I have a couple more workouts on my hard drive that aren’t on YouTube. I mix those workouts with P90X2 and P90X3 workouts.

Whether you’re on a fitness journey or just love working out, I hope these and other YouTube vids keep you motivated and active during this time.