The first step in learning about beer is to understand the difference between ales and lagers. Ales and lagers are the two main classifications of the beer family. Ales are considered traditional brews, that are generally more robust as they are rarely filtered while Lagers are usually heavily filtered with much cleaner presentations due to the cold lagering period. The difference has nothing to do with the alcohol content or the color. It all begins with the brewing process.

I randomly checked my spam email and discovered a GrubHub coupon for a FREE California Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Pizza with at $15+ purchase plus free delivery (while supplies last). I may eat at CPK three times a year and only aware of their frozen pizzas at grocery stores. So, the option to get one of their pizzas ready to bake delivered to my home fascinated me. Let’s be honest, FREE fascinated me more. Props to GrubHub and their email headline suckering me into craving pizza.

CPK had several Take and Bake options on the menu but only three options were included in the free offer—BBQ chicken pizza $16.49, pepperoni $15.99, and cheese $14.99. Since the BBQ chicken option was the most expensive, I decided to go with that.

I didn’t know what to expect when it arrived, but I was pleasantly surprised.